Server is UP!!!

The official Project RACS server is open for all to join. There are no silly role playing rules just a bunch of guys getting together to tear up some towns! So come and join us for some seriously fun gameplay.

Files are available in the download section there is no password on the server. The server requires both¬†Project RACS mod and Takistani Extension. Signature checking IS on, so don’t join with any unauthorized mods (anything other than PRACS and TK Extension). To find the server, simply filter for Project RACS in the Arma 2 server browser.

We also have a public channel in our Teamspeak (Address:¬† ), so feel free to join, chat, and let us know if you’re playing in the server!


If anyone would interested in supplying more missions or editing for the forms please PM me on the BI forums or email me at