New Version of Project RACS Available!!!

New Version of Project RACS Available!!!

Sahrani Mirage III over Takistan

This is the latest version of Project RACS as of November 1st, 2012.

Every single file has been updated, so you’ll want to grab the FULL download of Project RACS, available here:



Server Key

(Takistani Extension available separately, see below)

If for some reason you want to download the individual files, you may do so HERE.


Takistani Extension.

PRACS SU-22 "Fitter"

PRACS SU-22 “Fitter” over Takistan

Additionally, You’ll also want to download Takistani Extension. It features many nice additions to the Takistani Army faction including Franze’s beautiful SU-22. Be sure to download it here:


Takistani Extension


Hope you enjoy!


P.S. Come join us in multiplayer! Filter for Project RACS in the Arma 2 server browser, and talk to us on our Teamspeak at :     (Public channel is at the bottom of the channel list)