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  1. wld427
    wld427 / 11-1-2012 / ·

    Teamspeak IP:

    1. Batteriefuhrer
      Batteriefuhrer / 2-5-2016 / ·

      I’m Sarge, liked the PRACS stuff you released for ArmA2, amazing things either in quality or in quantity.

      The reason for this message is: I’ve got enthusiastic about the cold war scenarios. To include the military history study. The side effect became the passion to extend some of the CWR2 expansions, namely the USMC, UK and VMF ones.

      In your PRACS project you’ve collected the best models of the appropriate aircraft.

      So I ask your permission to let me use your UH-1N, AH-1S, CH-53, CH-46, SA-330 to use them with the CWR. And to put me in contact with the original authors of the model, as required.

      Naturally, all credits will go to you and all original authors.
      The supposed changes are: some textures and hidden selections for the era-specific aircraft marking, config – fraction (“CWR2 UKF”, “CWR2 USMC”), crews.

      Your aircraft will make the cold war era scenarios much more realistic and atmospheriĐü, please help, mate!

      Thanks in advance,

  2. TCEd502
    TCEd502 / 2-9-2013 / ·

    thanks for the mod & all the work, my guys have been enjoying your hard work, fyi… your server is down atm…

  3. Ben@Arms
    Ben@Arms / 2-10-2013 / ·

    Heya all =)

    I downloaded your PRACS Mod for Arma II, since I loved it at Arma I. It is really intense and contains a lot of Detail.

    Thank you for that awesome Modification PRACS Team and greetings from Germany =)


  4. TCEd502
    TCEd502 / 2-14-2013 / ·

    Hey guys, I just tried to join the server & it says I’ve been banned, how can I get that lifted?

    Thanks again for the server & mod.

  5. Blue_Doc_88
    Blue_Doc_88 / 6-28-2013 / ·

    Hey , can you need many versions from Landrover for your Mod ?

    i have 8 Typs ready .

    Medic LP1001 , Taticel Lp1001 and more .

    greats Doc

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