Project RACS, or “PRACS” for short, was started by Eddie Powers who is more popularly known as “wld427” around the BIS forums. The project began as a mod for ARMA 1 with the purpose of fleshing out the game’s independent faction known as RACS. As the mod grew, so did its fans. Completing this project was beginning to seem like a daunting task for any one man so Eddie eventually enlisted the help of other talented modders from around the ARMA community. Vilas, Ebud, the FFAA Mod, the Malvinas MOD, Rellikki, Shadow NX, Obmar and CapMorgan were just a few of the members and mod teams that donated models, textures, and help to make Project RACS become what it is today.

With the release of Arma2 and now Operation Arrowhead, the Sahrani military will return in a new way. Now part of the coalition forces fighting to protect the peace in the Green Sea region, the RACS have begun a full gamut of modernizing, updating, and are coming into the 21st century as a modern fighting force. Fueled by the oil riches of its Islands, Sahrani will strive to become the next great Mini superpower!


Special thanks go out to RKSL-Rock, for donating his time, help, models, and even this website. You’re too awesome!

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